9 Years after being hit by stray bullet, disabled teen
graduates as valedictorian.
13-year-old Martrell Stevens inspired the world when he graduated as valedictorian of his class in Wadsworth STEM Elementary School
Years ago, Martell was hit by a stray bullet that left him disabled from the waist down
Unfazed by the tragedy, he set to graduate top of his class and he achieved it by being the valedictorian
A Chicago gang crossfire in 2008 was the beginning of tragedy for young Martell Stevens. Martell was a victim of shooting that led to him being disabled from the waist down. At age 9, he was confined to a wheel chair but Stevens didn’t let that sad event kill his spirit.
At age 13, he has grown up to be a man beyond his years. Though on a wheel chair, he aimed at graduating top of his class and his dreams came through when he emerged valedictorian of his set in Wadsworth STEM Elementary School.
In an interview, the 13-year-old revealed that it took a while for him to accept his condition but when he did, he realized it was for a good reason. He said: “It’s a blessing, it’s not a curse, now, I’m finally realizing it happened for a reason.”
People congratulated him on social media.