See if you’re getting through to your child. Different children respond to different disciplinary methods. Try a few different things and see what seems to work. If your child keeps throwing tantrums no matter what you do, you might want to get outside assistance from a doctor or therapist, who can provide more ideas that suit the specific needs of your child.
See if the tantrums are related to an environmental factor. Certain environmental stimulants might be causing your child to have more tantrums than normal. Sometimes kids have a sensitivity to food (especially sugar), light, big crowds, music, or other factors that irritate them and cause them to break down in frustration.
Observe the times when your child has tantrums, and see if you think the tantrums are connected to something in the environment. Take away the stimulant and see if that helps.
Get professional advice if you’re having trouble figuring out what’s causing the tantrums.
See if the tantrums persist as the child gets older. Most kids eventually outgrow throwing tantrums when they learn other effective forms of communication. If your child keeps throwing tantrums well past the toddler stage, there may be something going on that needs to be addressed. Consider taking your child to a doctor or therapist to see if there’s a deeper issue at hand.
Take your child to the doctor if tantrums are frequent or violent. If your child throws a tantrum multiple times a day, or if the tantrums are particularly violent and exhausting, it’s a good idea to have your child meet with a professional to find out if your child has a need that’s not being met. Violent, frequent tantrums may be a symptom of a developmental issue.